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Web video production services: video profiles for social media digital marketing: Vidmarketing.net provides creative web video production for social media digital marketing and video greetings

Creative web video production services with video profiles and video greetings


Our web video production services are two-fold. Web video production with video profiles for social media digital marketing and creative video greetings for all special occasions.

Web video production- general contractor video profile1. Web video profiles for social media digital marketing consist of professional video profiles. You could see it as a video CV (resume), or commercials

A lot of  small businesses find it very difficult to justify the cost of traditional advertising. That is relative to the return on investment (ROI) based on video advertising. Video marketing is the key to simultaneously  reducing advertising costs. It will also help you compete with the big boys.

Video profiles consist of three parts:

(i) A promotional testimonial at the beginning of the video displays an authority figure describing his or her experience with your company. That person could be a lawyer, a doctor, or someone with enough credentials to add weight to your testimonial.

(ii) The second part of the video describes your personal information. It explains how you became an experienced professional with early academic training, degrees and work experience.

(iii) The third part displays the essential components of your work, your portfolio in a slide show manner. This will be described in greater details here.

So what do you need to start a relatively inexpensive video marketing campaign for your small business?  Interestingly, we have everything you need:

In many cases, prices will be different from what is listed here, but these are averages rates for our video profile services

Video profile basic prices:

Testimonial             $124
Personal and professional CV/resume  $150
Slide show of select portfolio items             $125
all of the above combined (all-in-one video profile)
$399 199

When you order a complete video profile, you get all 4 videos for $399 only $199! You can also get a website designed and hosted for you at $9.99/month, no hosting fee with full 24/7 customer support. When you order a video profile, you do not pay anything yet! You only decide to purchase after we make the product and you are 100% satisfied. All you need to sign up is to fill out the contact form on the right of this page with a comprehensive message to give me a sense of what you are looking for.

2. Web video production: creative video greetings for all special occasions:

These video greetings are highly creative, thoughtful greeting gifts for someone special. It is a very unique way to show a significant other, a great friend, or a family member how much you were thinking of him or her! You have to see some examples to know that there is no better way to show how thoughtful you really are.

Please fill out our contact form on the right or contact our help desk here.
No pay until you are 100% satisfied with your video(s)


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